The Chobani Way

Our purpose is to make universal wellness happen sooner. We’re totally and deeply committed to playing an active role in transforming our food system for the betterment of our planet, our people and our communities. Real change. Not just “checking the box.”

Our Approach

We completed our latest materiality assessment to map the most significant impacts we can have. It’s our compass. We identified many opportunities across five sustainability focus areas: Operations, Supply Chain, People, Community, and Responsibility. We’ll continuously recalibrate our compass to guide our path forward. As we grow, we’ll share this progress transparently. Some of it is on us. Some of it is on our suppliers. And some happens when we partner with innovators to make big advancements to traditional ways of making food.

Paving the path

We have big goals. We call them our “north stars.” Nine in total. Clear. Tangible. Achievable. We’ve also set shorter, four year goals to track our progress along the way.

North star goals

  • 100% renewable energy

    Reducing our carbon footprint and powering our manufacturing operations with 100% renewable energy

  • Water neutral

    Reducing our water consumption and putting as much water back into our local community as we use for our manufacturing operations

  • Zero waste to landfill

    Fighting waste throughout our manufacturing operations to minimize our environmental impact

  • Renewable fuels

    Improving how we ship and transport our products while working to power our transportation fleet with renewable fuels

  • Sustainable packaging

    Making every piece of our packaging either fully recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, or made with recycled content

  • Sustainable sourcing

    Taking extra care to source all our ingredients in a way that protects people and the planet

  • Dairy worker wellbeing

    Ensuring everyone who has a hand in producing our #1 ingredient is protected and thriving

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  • Diversity and inclusion

    Championing inclusion, diversity, and equity throughout our company

  • Strengthening rural communities

    Creating opportunity in rural communities through our business, philanthropic, and development initiatives

Looking for
more details?

To learn more about Chobani’s full sustainability program and the exciting journey we’re embarking on, download our Sustainability Report.