Introducing Chobani® Oat

Batch-made oat-based drinks, oat blends, and crunch celebrate oats’ versatility, nutrition, and goodness.

It begins with the
magic of oats

Just like our old-world recipe we use to make our Greek Yogurt, we bring the same authentic craft to this ancient grain. We source our organic, gluten-free, Non-GMO oats from the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. After harvest, oats are dried by sun and air. Next, they are milled in a centuries-old style, hydrated, and treated with special enzymes to give them a delicious taste and balanced texture. From start to finish, our batch-made drinks, blends and oat crunch are crafted to be a better non-dairy option.

  • Chobani™ Oat

    A rich and creamy oat-based drink, made without nuts, dairy, or lactose. An excellent source of calcium, and a good source of vitamins A and D.

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  • Chobani® Oat Blend

    A spoonable, oat-based snack with billions of probiotics, and 3g of plant-based protein.

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  • Chobani® Oat Crunch

    A spoonable, mix-in snack with billions of probiotics, and 4g of plant-based protein.

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