Introducing Chobani® Probiotic

A new fermented plant-based drink, crafted with organic fruit juice, botanicals, and immunity-supporting probiotics.

Flavor unity

Chobani® Probiotic flavors blend organic fruit juice with botanicals—from tropical pineapple and high-kick turmeric, juicy peach and cooling mint, to jammy cherry and tart hibiscus tea, and lifting lemon and zingy ginger.

Probiotics for immunity

Billions of cultures are feeding on oats and apples. In the bottle, the cultures stay live and active. In your gut, they flourish, supporting immune health.

  • Subtly bubbly

    Flavors are heightened with a slight effervescence.

  • Uniquely blended

    Organic fruit juice and botanicals blended for a new flavor experience.

  • Plant-based

    A delicious, plant-based drink crafted without dairy.