Chobani® Complete

Greek Yogurt

Advanced nutrition yogurt that’s lactose-free and easy to digest. Crafted with real fruit and only natural ingredients, spoonable yogurt and shakes contain up to 25g of complete protein*, 3g of fiber, and 0g added sugar**.

*15g in 5.3oz, 17g in 6 oz, 25g in 10 fl oz **not a low calorie food


Non-dairy blend

Chobani™ Oat is made with the simple, natural goodness of oats. It’s plant-based and vegan-friendly, crafted without dairy or lactose. Oat drinks are an excellent source of calcium, and a good source of vitamins A and D. Spoonable oat blends and crunch contain billions of probiotics, and 3-4g of plant-based protein.

Coffee Creamer

Our first-ever dairy creamer, Chobani™ Coffee Creamer is made from farm-fresh cream that comes naturally from our yogurt-making process. Real milk and real cane sugar round out a simple list of five or fewer, only natural ingredients.

Less Sugar*

Greek Yogurt

A subtly sweet Greek Yogurt made with only natural ingredients and nothing artificial. Chobani® Less Sugar Greek Yogurt has 45% less sugar* than other yogurts, is packed with protein, and is made with a hint of real varietal fruits and flavors. Our Chobani® Less Sugar Greek Yogurt Crunch is topped with delicious, only natural mix-ins for a subtly sweet crunch with less sugar* than other mix-in yogurts.

* Chobani® Less Sugar Greek Yogurt: 9g sugar per 5.3oz; other yogurts: avg. 17g sugar per 5.3oz. Chobani® Less Sugar Greek Yogurt Crunch: 30% less sugar than other mix-in yogurts. (Chobani® Less Sugar Greek Yogurt Crunch: avg. 11g sugar; other mix-in yogurts: avg. 16g sugar, per 4.5oz serving).


Greek Yogurt

Chobani® Plain Greek Yogurt is a high-protein, blank canvas for everything delicious. Crafted from locally sourced milk with live and active cultures, it’s creamy and nutrient dense. Non-fat, low-fat, and keto-friendly whole milk options are a simple way to enjoy breakfast bowls and salad dressings, savory soups, and decadent desserts.

Fruit on the Bottom

Greek Yogurt

A full-flavor experience made with only natural ingredients and packed with protein. Enjoying Chobani® Fruit on the Bottom Greek Yogurt is a wholesome hunt for hidden treasures—from real fruits like blackberry to cool combinations like strawberry rhubarb—beneath thick, authentic Greek Yogurt.


Greek Yogurt

Our Chobani® Blended Greek Yogurts and yogurt drinks are authentically crafted and full-flavored, made with only natural ingredients and real fruit. Thick and tart or sippably smooth, our Greek Yogurt makes a wholesome breakfast, snack, or post-workout pick-me-up.

Creamy Blended

Greek Yogurt

Like Chobani® Blended Greek Yogurt, but creamier! Made with only natural ingredients, real fruit, and authentic Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt, Chobani® Creamy Blended Greek Yogurt is a seriously creamy treat that’s packed with protein and full of real flavor.

Chobani® Probiotic

Chobani® Probiotic is a fermented plant-based drink, made with organic fruit juice and botanical blends, with probiotics to support immune health. Juicy and cool. Tart and jammy. Zingy and zesty. Tropical and slightly sweet. Each flavor experience is unique.

Chobani® Flip®

Greek Yogurt

Fun, flavorful Chobani® Flip® is a protein-packed, perfectly portioned snack made with only natural ingredients. Discover over 21 carefully crafted combinations of creamy Greek Yogurt and crunchy mix-ins in flavors inspired by popular and nostalgic favorites.

Oatmeal on the Bottom

Greek Yogurt

Chobani® Greek Yogurt with Oatmeal is made with real fruit, gluten-free oats, and a lot of love from the earth. Four flavors of Greek Yogurt—Apple Spice, Blueberry, Banana, and Peach—sit deliciously above nourishing layers of gluten-free overnight oatmeal.

Nut Butter

Greek Yogurt

A layered combination inspired by a fan-favorite yogurt topping, Chobani® Greek Yogurt with Nut Butter brings together a smooth, stirrable, creamy layer of good fat nut butter in almond, hazelnut, and cashew varieties, hidden beneath a thick, protein-packed layer of Chobani® Greek Yogurt in Chocolate, Vanilla, Honey, and Plain.

Chobani® Coconut

Non-dairy blend

A delicious, non-dairy coconut-based blend packed with probiotics. It’s the perfect non-dairy choice, made the Chobani Way: with only natural ingredients and real fruit for a creamy texture and refreshing taste.

Limited Batch

Greek Yogurt

Pumpkin spice lovers, this is for you. Our Limited Batch flavors celebrate everything we love about fall. Crunchy leaves. Turtleneck sweaters. And of course, the warm, familiar flavor of pumpkin spice. All the feelings and flavors of fall fold into Chobani® Pumpkin Greek Yogurt and Flip® Pumpkin Harvest Crisp. Finally, Chobani® Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamers are here—one made from farm-fresh cream, the other, our first-ever non-dairy, oat based creamer—to turn your mug into a hug.


Barista Edition

Meet the newest addition to our non-dairy family. Crafted especially for baristas from organic, gluten-free oats. It’s versatile, fantastically frothable, and makes luscious lattes and mouthwatering mochas. Mix it, pour it, foam it, froth it.

Chobani® Gimmies

Kids Yogurt

Fun and nutritious, uniquely delicious Chobani® Gimmies™ are the snacks kids—and parents—love. Available in yogurt crunch, milkshakes, pouches, and lunchbox-length tubes, Gimmies™ contains protein that keeps kids satisfied, probiotics that support gut health, and calcium that builds strong bones.

*Than the leading kids' yogurt tubes. Chobani® Gimmies™ tubes: avg. 4g sugar, 3g protein; leading kids’ yogurt tubes: avg. 6g sugar, 1.5g protein, per 1.5oz serving.